IT&E is your connection to the world in more ways than one! When it comes to DSL Internet, we’ve got the fastest Internet connection in the Marianas with five speeds to suit your business or personal communications needs. Choose from DSL Nitro, Supercharge, Turbocharge or Business speeds with plans that start as low as $50.00/mo.!
Business 9.0
  D/load up to:9.0Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
Business 6.0
  D/load up to:6.0Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
Business 5.0
  D/load up to:5.0Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
  D/load up to:4.0Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
  D/load up to:3.0Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
  D/load up to:2.5Mbps
  U/load up to:1.0Mbps
  D/load up to:1.5Mbps
  U/load up to:512Kbps
Unlimited Dialup account is already inclusive of the monthly charges for each service plan.
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

IT&E-DSL is a technology for moving data over regular phone lines. A DSL circuit is much faster than a regular dialup connection, and the wires coming into the subscriber's premises are the same (copper) wires used for regular phone service.

With IT&E-DSL, you are taking advantage of the unused bandwidth that already exists on your phone line. Regular telephone service uses less than one percent of the capacity of the telephone line, leaving the remaining 99 percent of the line for high-speed data use. This means that you can enjoy a fast, permanent connection to the Internet, and still have full use of your telephone. And unlike dialup services, IT&E-DSL users enjoy a DSL line that is continuously open.

How It Works

It's very simple: IT&E-DSL shares an ordinary telephone line. A special device ("line filter/splitter") is installed on the line; it splits the signal between the telephone and DSL modem. Unlike traditional modems, both the telephone and DSL modem can be used simultaneously. The DSL modem is "always-on", meaning no phone call charges to the Internet service.

Why Should I Get DSL?

  • Speed. DSL is the best solution for high-speed access. DSL can ensure the data rates necessary to handle all kinds of applications, such as broadcast quality video and very fast data transfer.

  • Connectivity. With DSL, a user is always connected, does not have to wait to check email or browse the web, because there is no dialing, absolutely no busy signals and no strange noises coming from your modem. Being online all the time places the world at your fingertips. You'll be amazed how fast you can download just about anything from simple files to complex video clips with the lightning fast speed of IT&E-DSL.

  • Ease Of Use. DSL has proven to be easy to use. It is up and running following a single visit from an installer. Once the installation is complete, the customer simply clicks on their browser and they are connected. Nothing could be easier!

  • Reliability. The copper-based telephone network over which IT&E-DSL operates is one of the most reliable infrastructures in the CNMI. It is very rare for phone lines to go down and when they do, service is usually restored very quickly.

  • Security. Our IT&E-DSL, because it uses the existing telephone system, supplies a private point-to-point connection between a user and IT&E's CO (Central Office). Users can make purchase, do banking transaction or even pay their IT&E phone bill online.

What's Included?

The monthly charge for DSL includes:
  • DSL Internet connection
  • Dialup Internet connection
  • Email address with Webmail access (number depends on Service Plan)
  • Free Technical Support
  • One (1) Static IP address
  • Support and Maintenance of supplied DSL Modem (if rented)
  • One (1) Free Domain (for Turbocharge and Business Plans only)

IT&E Non-Discrimination and Interconnection Practice

IT&E adheres to the Non-discrimination and Interconnection Policies principles contained in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement (FCC 05-151 adopted Aug. 5, 2005).

IT&E will not favor any lawful Internet applications and content over others and will provide notice to customers of changes to these policies. IT&E will allow connection to the public Internet directly or indirectly, such that it is not an entirely private closed network; and offer interconnection, where technically feasible without exceeding current or reasonably anticipated capacity limitations, on reasonable rates and terms to be negotiated with requesting parties.

Unlimited DialUp

  • The fastest connections in the CNMI to bring the excitement of the Internet to your desktop in seconds.
  • Unlimited access to the Internet for one flat rate of $25.00 each month. No need to keep watching the clock.
  • Support variable modem speeds up to 56k to assist you in your connectivity.
  • Reliable network and free customer support.
  • Local Internet access numbers are available in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.
  • No software required.
  • No outside advertising.
  • Web-based email.
Speed and Convenience

IT&E Dialup Internet has the network to match. Our "no busy signal" eliminates annoying delays, while our high-capacity backbone connections ensure top peformance at all times of day and night. Our network is built with equipment from Cisco Systems, the world's most reputable network vendor.

Technical Support

Our technical support provides free assistance via both telephone and email. On-site assistance is also available in most locations for an additional charge.

Email and Web Storage Included

All customers receive an email address/mailbox, plus 3 megabytes of storage space for a personal website.

IT&E Webmail: Access Email Anywhere

IT&E Webmail allows customers to read and write email using any web browser - anywhere in the world. Webmail allows email to be accessed from airport lounges, Internet cafes - any Internet-connected computer. Webmail is simple and fast to use. No special software is required.

Unlimited Plan

IT&E dialup Internet has no time limits or cut-offs - we're designed for smooth, hassle-free operation!

Speed Test

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